i guess he said yes??


i guess he said yes??

Asker ocicatsy Asks:
I love your ocs! I've been looking through your tags, Scion and the Helm are so cute <3 <3 <3
robotverve robotverve Said:

Omg thank you so much! I really love it when people like my ocs omg.. It gets me so fired up about them cause I’ve been kinda forgetful with them lately

what does that even mean

wow !!! baseball !!! wow!!!!!!! 


baseball anime is the ultimate

haven’t been posting much art at the moment cause i’m busy working through commissions!! i love being paid to draw the things im totally into. this is a commission of kennex/dorian from almost human aw ye

assorted kuragehime doodles

did i forget to post this commission from my last batch? im gonna say yes. sure is hermann/newt

heroine prototype of the year all years

Sorry not a question but I love all your work! Especially the cute super villain and hero boyfriends!
robotverve robotverve Said:

NO thank you so much i love these asks sooooo much cause i love hearing people’s thoughts on my characters

1. not natural but they dye eachothers hair pretty frequently. enablers.

2. hipstercasual 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Monster boyfriends are my absolute weakness you could literally kill me with that shit congrats. My doctor will never believe me that cuties who draw cuties are causing my death
robotverve robotverve Said:

i’m glad cause monster bfs are my fave thing it’s a good death

yokaiking answered your post: i wanna work on some character stuff t…

YES DOES THE SCION CURL AROUND THE HELM WHEN THEY SNUGGLE??? THIS QUESTION IS RLY important sorry for the all caps if they bug you ;n;

you’re correct that is a very important question ok thank you for asking and the answer is most definitely yes