brace for more fallout doodles over the next week or so cause i’ve been replaying 3 and new vegas intermittently 

this kid wears some dumb shit + more monster people from the scion’s species?? idfk

some scion and the helm related doodles


this is rly gay i’m sorry (based on this post)

i literally dont remember drawing this but ok

i literally dont remember drawing this but ok

fishing anime

Asker oblonskys Asks:
i love how ya draw hands.
robotverve robotverve Said:

AGH thank you!!! i love love to draw hands 

i guess this is a redraw????


(shepardshepard said: Sol with 12!)

he looks like a goth cowboy but sure

(kbearart said: Scion and the Helm with #1? They’re just so adorable)

i havent drawn them for a while SO I’M GLAD YOU ASKED

sparrowshy said: 4….. gurple….. for alexis… 

why do you make me do these things

Is Scion's beak/head thing a mask, or is a part of his head? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Scion and the Helm, they are my new fav thing <3 Also. I notice you like Space. I approve! *like a gazillion thumbs ups* ~Sarah
robotverve robotverve Said:

it’s a mask! i might do up a little uhhh profile i guess? on him and his species if anyone’s interested in more information. 

there’s literally nothing i love more than hearing that people like my characters, it’s my fave thing thank you!!

im in the middle of trying to work through some rancid art block atm so i’m just makin the ugliest + quickest stuff i can and it’s kinda working

hhh i love your mass effect and fallout art so much! good taste
robotverve robotverve Said:

aaaa thanks so much. i have a huge list of stuff i wanna draw things for again when i’m through with this latest group of commissions and those games are right up the top