1. not natural but they dye eachothers hair pretty frequently. enablers.

2. hipstercasual 

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Monster boyfriends are my absolute weakness you could literally kill me with that shit congrats. My doctor will never believe me that cuties who draw cuties are causing my death
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i’m glad cause monster bfs are my fave thing it’s a good death

yokaiking answered your post: i wanna work on some character stuff t…

YES DOES THE SCION CURL AROUND THE HELM WHEN THEY SNUGGLE??? THIS QUESTION IS RLY important sorry for the all caps if they bug you ;n;

you’re correct that is a very important question ok thank you for asking and the answer is most definitely yes


i wanna work on some character stuff to warm up; any questions you wanna ask about my OC’s? lemme know and i’ll draw something


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here have some pages of a lil practice minicomic. there’s about 24 pages in all and i guess i’ll post em up as i finish them!

I won’t become a number in the system
Zeroes and ones


polyvore meaningful clothes meme is always a fabulous fashion sanctuary in times of inspiration block but also using it to redraw my old teen superhero characters

scion’s a nerd call the police

brace for more fallout doodles over the next week or so cause i’ve been replaying 3 and new vegas intermittently 

this kid wears some dumb shit + more monster people from the scion’s species?? idfk

some scion and the helm related doodles


this is rly gay i’m sorry (based on this post)

i literally dont remember drawing this but ok

i literally dont remember drawing this but ok